Improving Wireless Microphone Range

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Mic Stand Mike

The distance that your wireless mic system is able to cover between transmitter and receiver is a critical piece of information when setting up your wireless system.

Here are a few tips that will get you maximum range.

1. Attempt to have "line of sight" between performance area and receiver area. Range is greatly extended if there is nothing between the two.
2. Insure that your batteries are always fresh.
3. Set antennae at approx. 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock.
4. Consider using dual receivers, both set to the same transmitter frequency if the performer will be covering a large area. (Click here for more information)
5. UHF frequencie mics with shorter wavelengths have greater range than VHF mics.
7. Use properly shielded coaxial cable if antennae are to be remotely mounted
8. Consider placing the receiver close to the performance area and then sending the signal as audio rather than RF into the sound system. Here's what you'll need.







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